If you are reading this, you and I have either worked together or are nice friends, and I like you a lot!

You also (probably—hopefully?) know that I've been in the process of moving to San Francisco to work for a cool tech company called Intercom. I am *thrilled* to be going on a new little adventure on the other side of the coast, but so sad to be leaving Nashville, and the friends that I've made over the last 4 years here. 

Let's Stay in Touch
I would love to keep in touch with everyone while I'm out in SF, by sending out a little quarterly update— no spam, just how i'm doing, the fun places i'm visiting and some pictures.

I might also want to send out some postcards!

To do that I need to update everyone's information in my contacts. If you're into it, just fill out this form. If not I guess we won't be friends anymore idk. 

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What's your Address? (Postcards!!)