Who are you??
I'm Judson Collier, and i do graphic design and general art direction in Nashville, TN. 

That seems vague— what kind of work do you really do?
Great question. In 2016 I designed zines for cool internet brands, worked long term with a newly labeled musician to develop a brand identity, collaborated with an animation studio on a design documentary, and concepted a ton of album covers for musicians.

What kind of work do you want to do in 2017?
+ Work with a music label to invest in great art for musicians
+ Design weird stuff for tech startups
+ Create a brand identity for a restaurant.
+ Anything that will let me dedicate more time to turning my little shop into a real venture.  

If you're really a graphic designer why don't you have any work online?
I can't show a lot of the work I'm most proud of publicly. I have a private portfolio available to look at, feel free to email me. If you're really impatient, I post a lot on Instagram and a little bit on Dribbble.

What are your New Years Resolutions
+ spend less time on Twitter
+ spend more time on long term goals — what am i doing all this work for
+ spend a little more time taking care of ✨me✨

Who are some people you worked for in 2016? 
Universal Music Group, Red Light Manangement, Jordan Davis, Intercom, Identity Visuals, Joy Williams, Form and Function, Barna, Ben Rector, Sara Reeves, Welsh and Wallace, Ryan Booth, Bands in Brooklyn, Reach Records, Matt Wertz, Circles Conference, Bantug, Molly Parden, Leagues, Influence Magazine, and just a whole crop of people I can't tell you about but i swear they are super cool. 

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